Wheaton Precious Metals

January 17, 2024

The latest Talaria stock in focus for Money Magazine is a Canadian metals streaming company – Wheaton Precious Metals.

In the article Talaria Co-CIO Chad Padowitz discusses  Wheaton’s unique business model, as well as it’s outlook:

“Precious metals streaming comes with several major advantages over traditional gold/silver mining. Perhaps the most crucial is that streamers take no cost overruns risk of the mining operation.

Also important is that streamers make significantly higher margins – the break-even price per ounce of gold for WPM is only $400 compared with $1200-$1300 for Newmont, the largest global gold miner.

This results in significant leverage to increasing precious metals prices. And finally, any future expansions of existing mines come with all the benefits of larger volumes at no extra cost,” Chad says.

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