When uncertainty is the only certainty

April 23, 2020

These are still very challenging times for many investors, not to mention society at large.  

At Talaria we know that certainty empowers you, and right now the only certainty in markets is in fact uncertainty.  

This paradox actually means an opportunity, due to the unique Talaria process for investing via put options, and getting paid a premium for doing so. This premium creates a differentiated source of income for our investors, at a time when portfolio income is increasingly hard to find.  

In fact during periods of increased market volatility like now (as measured by the VIX index), the rate we are paid for selling put options to buy stocks increases – as evidenced by the below chart.

For retirees, those looking for a diversified income source or to simply reduce the level of uncertainty and stress, Talaria can help generate a source of income that others cannot.  

Equally as important is the fact our income source is not reliant on company dividends - which are now at risk.  

For even greater periods of market volatility, the Talaria contracted rate of return continues to increase as per this chart:

For more information reach out to the Talaria team at info@talariacapital.com.au

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