Our Co-CIOs in demand

May 19, 2021

Our Co-CIO’s have been busy this week, with Hugh Selby-Smith chatting with the team at Ausbiz about – among other things – high valuations particularly in the US market, and that there’s still good value to be found in Europe. “On a relative valuation basis we see a number of opportunities in Europe…and we are starting to see positive flows in Europe (equities) which is notable. There’s quite a distinct set up in terms of the backdrop looking 12 months forward for European equities versus US equities,” Hugh said.

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Meanwhile Reuters Business spoke with Chad Padowitz about the higher volatility regime and its impact on the markets. “Time will tell whether inflation will be transitory or more pervasive but I think that now that U.S. yields have stabilised, that’s allowed the market to digest some of that,” he said. “But the reality is we have moved into a higher volatility regime, and because of that we expect to see larger daily movements than in recent years.”

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And to top it off both Hugh and Chad along with Talaria analyst John Razos kicked of a month of the Talaria team helping out the Vinnies crew delivering food to those most in need. It’s a pleasure to help out in some small way and the rest of the team are looking forward to making their contribution in the coming weeks.

John Razos, Chad Padowitz and Hugh Selby-Smith

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