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Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more about Talaria Capital and our funds?

Learn more about our listed and unlisted funds, our history, our process and more. 

When was Talaria founded? 

The Talaria strategy was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2005. The Talaria Asset Management business was founded in 2018. The investment strategy has remained unchanged since inception in 2005  

Do the different funds have different strategies?

No the two funds available for investors run the same strategy, however one has the additional feature of Currency Hedging.  

How can I invest in the Fund(s)

You have a choice as to whether you apply for and redeem units via the responsible entity (RE) or buy and sell units on Cboe in the same way you buy other publicly listed ETFs and shares.  

TLRA and TLRH units should generally trade on Cboe close to the prevailing Net Asset Value during the Cboe trading day (subject to the market bid/offer spread).  

You can buy and sell units off market with the Responsible Entity at the prevailing end of day Net Asset Value (subject to transaction costs and spreads). 

Purchasing via the listed process, also known as an active ETF, is accessible via your share trading platform, stockbroker or financial advisor. 

Investing via the unlisted process can be done via the Fund’s Responsible Entity Australian Unity – more information is available here. 

How does the fund account for ESG considerations?

We believe the consideration, understanding and management of ESG issues in conjunction with financial analysis can generate better long-term performance for clients. Similarly, active engagement with company management seeks to encourage greater awareness of issues impacting corporate sustainability. To assist with the identification of relevant issues we complement our internal analysis with the resources of dedicated ESG research firms. Find out more on our dedicated ESG page.

Does Talaria have a rating from any research houses?

Yes, Talaria has a Highly Recommended rating from Zenith Investment Partners for both its listed and unlisted versions of the Talaria Global Equity Fund (Managed Fund) and The Talaria Global Equity Fund – Currency Hedged (Managed Fund).

Talaria is also rated Recommended by Lonsec for both funds.

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