Good news for retirees

May 22, 2020

Today we’re pleased to announce an increased investment in the Talaria Global Equity Fund by Lonsec Investment Solutions for their Retirement Model Portfolios.

Lonsec have increased their investment in Talaria across all of their retirement portfolios.

Chief Investment Officer Chad Padowitz said: “We’re pleased to strengthen our relationship with Lonsec, and feel this is a validation of our process that generates income from differentiated sources, not reliant on dividends.”

Talaria’s investment process of generating income through its option premiums is a key reason for the change.

Talaria is the only fund manager able to consistently generate income in this way. In recent months, many companies globally have either cut or deferred their dividends, leaving retirees short of income. This is likely to continue for some time with many companies not offering guidance, and unemployment at record levels.    

Talaria’s ability to generate income for investors is not constrained by these factors, and for over a decade has distributed an average 7.5% per annum to investors.

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