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Our Approach

At Talaria we balance both risk and reward because we embrace risk throughout the investment process, taking advantage of long-term opportunities during periods of both stable and unstable markets.

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Our Investment Strategy

We help people and communities enjoy a more certain financial future. We achieve this by living our values.

People | Discipline | Innovation | Honesty | Results

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Governance and Risk

Talaria Chairman Martin Hudson has had a distinguished career as a lawyer, corporate executive and ASX top 100 chair, always with a focus on Governance and Risk.

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Our Values


Not talent, personnel, resumes, candidates, clients, or customers. We work with people. We recruit people. We celebrate people. Diversity is a source of strength and it will drive us forward, and we recognise that Talaria is the brand, not the individual. ​


Fantastic and relentless discipline. It’s about the long term, but doing the role day-by-day and getting better at it with each step. ​We relish it and see that over time it will make Talaria more successful as a whole. ​


An entrepreneurial spirit runs through our company. We act with conviction, embrace the unconventional, and look forward to the future because we will be a part of shaping it. ​​


We are true to our word and ourselves. Accountability is really important, as is empathy, getting to the facts, and being ready to speak our minds…even when it’s hard to do.​


Make no mistake, we want to win. Hard work matters, so does consistent execution. We know that collaboration leverages quality. Being courageous and making sure your opinions are heard is crucial – healthy debate is encouraged.​

Our Distribution and Marketing Team

Talaria is a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment which seeks to improve understanding of environmental, social and governance factors and the incorporation of these factors into investment and ownership decisions.

In accordance with our signatory responsibilities, we submit an annual report on our ESG related activities to the UNPRI. Please contact us to receive a copy of our Responsible Investment Transparency Report.


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